Netherlands cheapest location in Europe

Netherlands cheapest location in Europe

The Netherlands is the cheapest location in Europe for foreign companies. According to researchers from audit and consultancy firm KPMG, based on an international study.

The business costs of the countries surveyed, including Britain, France, Germany, Japan and Mexico, were compared with those of the United States. The cost advantage of the Netherlands over the U.S. is 3.5 percent. Compared with Britain, the second cheapest country, the advantage is 1.7 percent.

Japan and Germany remain the most expensive of the countries examined, it appears from the biennial survey by KPMG. The cost disadvantage of these countries is respectively 7.6 and 2.6 percent.

According to the researchers, the competitiveness of the Netherlands in Europe,”significantly improved compared to 2008. Two years ago the Netherlands faced a cost disadvantage compared to France and Great Britain. The Netherlands is particularly attractive to companies active in the research and development market and is primarily motivated by our extensive tax incentives.

KPMG has examined both the costs that an operator must make when starting his company as operating costs over a period of ten years.

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