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Netherlands discusses closer cooperation with Egypt

The Netherlands is discussing closer cooperation with Egypt in such areas as good governance and the rule of law. Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal recently held talks on the subject with his colleague Mohamed Kamel Amr in Cairo.

Mr Rosenthal also visited Cairo in November 2011. ‘It is encouraging to see that progress has been made on the road to democracy. At the same time, Egypt faces many challenges, both political and economic.’

The two ministers discussed scope for closer economic cooperation in such areas as water, logistics and agriculture. East Port Said can, for example, draw on the experiences of the Port of Rotterdam.

The Netherlands is the third largest EU investor in Egypt and the fourth largest among all countries worldwide. It is also Egypt’s fifth largest trade partner in the EU.

Mr Rosenthal and Mr Amr also discussed the situation in Syria, including Egyptian president Mohammed Mursi’s initiative for a regional quartet, and the role of Iran. Finally, the two ministers spoke about the Middle East peace process.

Mr Rosenthal also talked about these issues with Arab League secretary-general, Nabil al-Araby. The Arab League is playing a key role in achieving a political solution for Syria.

Mr Rosenthal also met with representatives of Dutch companies in Egypt to discuss the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Egypt.