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Netherlands Fifth Largest Logistics Service Provider in EU

The Netherlands was the fifth largest exporter of logistics services in the EU in 2010, according to Statistics Netherlands. With a value of more than 43 billion euro, Germany was the largest provider of transport services. Denmark and France followed with approximately 27 billion euro each. The United Kingdom is in fourth place with an export value of nearly 24 billion euro.

The average export value of transport services by EU countries was 9.6 billion euro in 2010. With 19.3 billion euro, the export value of Dutch transport services is about twice as high.

With 3.7 billion euro (19 percent of the total export value in 2010), Germany is the largest consumer of Dutch transport services. Other important customers are the United Kingdom and the United States with 14 and 9 percent respectively.

East European – in particular Polish – transport companies are increasingly active in the Netherlands. Within the European Union (EU), the Netherlands is the fifth largest exporter of transport services.

With a total value of 420 million euro, Poland was the largest provider of transport services among the East European EU countries for the Dutch private sector in 2010. Polish transport services are predominantly engaged in road transport (93 percent).

The value of orders given to Slovak transport companies has more than doubled to 38 million euro between 2006 and 2010. Despite the rapid increase, the share of Slovak transport services remains modest.