Netherlands has the most part-time workers in Europe

The Netherlands stands lonely at the top in Europe with almost 50% of the Dutch working population working part-time. Especially women, but also many men have a part-time job in the Netherlands. Sweden comes second with only 26% part-time workers. Germany comes in third place with 25%.

On average not even one in five people work part-time in the European Union, according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

The Netherlands takes the lead especially with women. In 2008 75% of working women from the age of 15 to 65 years old work part time. In all other EU countries 50% of women have a full-time job. On average, one in three women in the EU works part-time.

one out of the four men in The Netherlands work part-time. That is a lot less than women, but also the Dutch men in Europe are leading in part-time work. The Danish and Swedish men are second with 12%.

Mainly young men work part-time in The Netherlands. 62 percent Of the young employees have a part-time job. Often a job as a school teacher.

The past fifteen years, the number of part-time workers increased significantly. In 1993 only 25% of the working population worked part-time. Then 50% of employed women had a part-time job and among men only 9% worked part-time.

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