Netherlands is largest exporter of flowers and plants in Europe

Netherlands is largest exporter of flowers and plants in Europe

Flowers and plants are not the most important export products, but the level of specialisation with respect to these products is high in the Netherlands. Flowers and plants account for 2.1 percent of total Dutch exports versus only 0.1 percent in other European countries, according to Statistics Netherlands. The other four export products distinguishing the Netherlands from other countries in the EU 15 are also produced in the agricultural sector.

Apart from flowers and plants, the Netherlands – more than other European countries – has specialised in exports of vegetables, oil-bearing seeds, waste products of the food manufacturing industry and plaiting materials. The share of these agricultural products in total Dutch exports is three to four times as high as their share in total exports of the EU 15 countries minus the Netherlands. The Netherlands is also the largest exporter of vegetables in the world.

Among the five products with a high level of specialisation compared to the other countries of the EU 15, flowers and plants had the highest export value, i.e. 8 billion euro. More than other European countries, the Netherlands focuses on exports of plaiting materials, like bamboo and reed. Yet, the export value of these products was only 21 million euro, because Asia is the main global supplier for these products.

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