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Netherlands is No. 1 hemp producer in Europe

The Netherlands has about 40,000 hemp growers. This makes the Netherlands the leading producer of hemp in Europe.

The cultivation of Cannabis Hemp is big business in the Netherlands, with profits estimated to have reached over 2 billion euro a year, according to figures from the police and the Dutch Task Force for organized cannabis. Only around 10 percent of the crops are sold legally in the country’s many coffee shops, according to the Dutch police. The vast majority of it is smuggled abroad.

According to the Dutch police, hemp cultivation long lost its innocence in the Netherlands. They are not harmless home growers but large criminal organizations. They don’t fear violence, corruption and assassinations, said the police.

Apart from the criminal aspect, the police fights hemp growing because there regularly cause dangerous situations. Often growing places tap electricity illegally and cause fire hazard.

Dutch Grid operator Stedin recently started to distribute Marijuana Scented Postcards to Dutch households, meant to inform Dutch citizens of the scent of marijuana.

The idea behind the campaign is that if people can smell pot farms within their communities they will be able to report them to local police.