The Netherlands is one of the largest candy manufacturer

The Netherlands exported 1.3 billion euros of candy in 2008. It is about 400 million pounds of candy.

The figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) show that the export value of candy is nearly twice as large as the import value (0.8 billion euros).

The Netherlands exports candy mainly to EU countries (80 percent). Nearly two thirds of the exports are chocolate.

Especially Germany and the United Kingdom are major consumers of chocolate, but also France and Belgium import significant amounts.

The past ten years the Netherlands was the largest manufacturer of drop in the EU. With production of 90 million euros Netherlands takes approximately one third of the EU production of liquorice and liquorice extract on his behalf. Germany and Spain are Europe’s second and third respectively manufacturer.

The Netherlands imports almost all candy from the EU, mainly from Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Chocolate is the most popular imports.

In 2008 the Dutch ate 11.5 pounds of candy per person. Dutch people eat mostly chocolate, almost 5 pounds. Drop comes second with nearly 2 pounds.

Photo by FaceMePLS

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