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Netherlands Largest Supplier of Fries in Europe

The Netherlands accounted for nearly one third of total European production (in euros) of frozen-potato products, making it the largest supplier of fries, potato slices and rösti in Europe.

The volume of potatoes processed in the frozen-food industry in the Netherlands was smaller than in 2012, but due to the high potato prices after the cold spring, the Netherlands remained the largest producer (in euros) of frozen potatoes, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

The Netherlands produced 1.4 billion kg of frozen potatoes. Belgium produced 60 million kg more than the Netherlands, making it the largest producer in Europe. Altogether, the Dutch consumed 306 million kg of frozen potatoes, i.e. an annual per capita potato consumption of 18 kg.
The Netherlands has accounted for approximately one third of total European production of frozen chips for years now. The Netherlands also accounts for approximately one third of the total European production.

United Kingdom largest customer
The Netherlands produced 1.1 billion euros worth of frozen potatoes in 2013. Additionally, about 230 million euros worth of frozen potatoes were imported. The bulk (87 percent) was exported. The export value exceeded 1.1 billion euros. More than three-quarters was exported to European countries, notably the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Surprisingly, Saudi Arabia and Brazil occupy fourth and fifth place.