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Netherlands more safe

Dutch people are safer and the Netherlands has become more secure.

The number of violent crimes has decreased with over 19% since 2006. However, in recent years there have been more vandalism and other street crime and the number of robberies increased, but the number of robberies decreased this year.

Property theft, corporate crime and the number bicycle thefts have fallen sharply. This is evident from the report “Security begins with Prevention”, which appears today.

Resigning Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Justice and Home Affairs) is delighted with the results. The number of violent crimes in the period 2006-2009 declined by 19% and the number of property theft by 25%. Also a total of 222,000 fewer bicycles were stolen the past few years.

Serious crime increased with 6%. There was also a significant increase in the number of robberies last year. This increase now seems to have come to a halt. The latest police figures show that the first three months of this year, 6% fewer robberies took place.

Photo by Mike McHolm