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The Netherlands has highest rate of part-timers in Europe

The Netherlands has the highest ratio of part-time to full-time workers in the EU.

Almost half (48.3 percent) of the Dutch working population work on a part-time basis, according to statistics from research organization Eurofound.

The number of part-timers in Europe has increased over the past decade, according to the survey. In 1999, 15.9 percent worked part time in 2009 was 18.8 percent.

In the Netherlands the percentage of part-time workers is the highest in Europe, 48.3 percent. In 1999 this percentage was still 39.7 percent. Bulgaria is the country with the least apparent part-timers (only 2.3 percent).

Especially European women work part time (32 percent), compared with 8 percent of European men.

“The difference between part-time working men and women is highest in the Netherlands, where over two thirds of the women versus about one quarter of men work part-time, ” according to the study.

According to the researchers, part-time work is considered positive, reports People Management.

On the positive side the report notes that part-time work increases female participation in the labour force, allows employers to adjust their resources to cyclical conditions and provides a better work-life balance for employees.

On the negative side, part-time work can increase overall labour costs for businesses due to the presence of fixed costs while for employees it can mean lower earnings in lower quality jobs, says the report.