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Netherlands qualifies for Eurovision final with Anouk

The Netherlands 2013 competitor, Anouk, qualified for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest tonight.

For the first time since 2004 Anouk has brought The Netherlands past the semi-final with her song ‘Birds’. Anouk will perform again during the ESC final this Saturday, May 18th!

At home in the Netherlands there is not much bigger a star than Anouk and now she has made it to the Eurovision stage to represent her country in the finals. Anouk was among 10 of 16 competing countries to win a place in Saturday’s final and her song Birds made a big impression.

If anyone knows how to captivate an audience, it is Anouk, the lady behind the hit Nobody’s Wife that charted all over Europe in the nineties.

Anouk – Birds live at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Semi-Final.

Anouk’s press conference started with the customary photo opportunity. Her approach is very humourous with the press and she connected well with them.

She described that the style of music she usually sings is rock and blues so a ballad is something a bit different. She did however say: “I want to return to rock and blues one day, and to make more albums”. She did however also say “I don’t really want to tour as I have 4 kids at home, and I like being at home”.

Anouk was also asked about how she came to enter the Eurovision Song Contest and she said that she invited herself, after seeing the highlights from the year before.

Tonight in the first two hour show of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, broadcasted LIVE from Malmö Arena, 16 countries took part in the First Semi-final in order to qualify for 10 places available in Saturday’s final.

First ten finalists (beside already known ones, contestants from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and last year’s winning country Sweden), will take part in the Grand Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place on Saturday the 18th of May. Another ten finalist will be chosen in the Second Semi-Final on 16th of May.