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Netherlands ranked 5th most food-secure country in the world

The Netherlands ranks 5th on global food security index. The US, Denmark, Norway, France and the Netherlands are the top-5 most food-secure countries in the world, according to the Food Security Index published recently by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

A combination of ample food supplies, high incomes, low spending on food relative to other outlays, and significant investment in agricultural research and development (R&D) put these countries at the top of the 105-nation index. However, despite positive scores overall in the index, many of the top-scoring nations were deficient in micro-nutrients.

Of the top ten countries in the index overall, only France ranks in the top ten for micronutrient availability and for many of the advanced economies, it is among their weakest scores. The low ranks in this category are primarily owing to limited availability of vegetal iron in national food supplies, as measured in the FAO Food Balance Sheets.

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