Netherlands ranked third best place to live UN report

Netherlands ranked third best place to live UN report

The Netherlands is the third best place in the world to live according to the United Nations, with Norway taking the title by a fraction in the annual Human Development Index (HDI).

The UN’s annual Human Development Index compares 187 countries on factors including health, education, per-capita income and life expectancy.

It serves as an indicator of progress in human development across nations – particularly in developing countries.

The latest HDI – which ranked 187 countries – put Norway, Australia and the Netherlands at the top of the global league table in the “very high human development” category – in first, second and third place respectively.

The United States, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Germany and Sweden round out the top 10 countries in the 2011 HDI, but when the index is adjusted for internal inequalities in health, education and income, some of the wealthiest nations drop out of the HDI’s top 20: the United States falls from #4 to #23, the Republic of Korea from #15 to #32, and Israel from #17 to #25.

The ten lowest scoring countries for health, education and average income were all in sub-Saharan Africa, including Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Niger and Burundi.

The UN’s ranking of the best places to live:

  1. Norway
  2. Australia
  3. Netherlands
  4. United States
  5. New Zealand
  6. Canada
  7. Ireland
  8. Liechtenstein
  9. Germany
  10. Sweden

The annual Human Development Report is an editorially independent publication of the United Nations Development Programme.

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