The Netherlands ranked world’s second Best Place for Business

The Netherlands ranked world’s second Best Place for Business

The Netherlands is the world’s second best place to do business, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

The Netherlands ran second, reflecting the appeal of an economy with five major ports and easy access to mainland Europe. Companies based there include Royal Philips Electronics NV, the largest light-bulb maker, and ASML NV (ASML), which has an 80 percent market share in the semiconductor equipment market.

Bloomberg Rankings measured 160 markets on a scale of zero to 100 percent based on six factors. These are the costs of setting up business, hiring and moving goods; the degree of economic integration; less tangible costs such as inflation and corruption; and the readiness of the local consumer base, a category that includes the size of the middle class, household consumption and gross domestic product per person.

Hong Kong Beats the Netherlands as Best Place for Business. The gateway to the world’s most populous nation secured top position in a new index based on six criteria including the degree of economic integration and labor costs. The U.S., the U.K. and Australia occupied the next three leading slots.

Brazil came bottom of the top 50 with 35.5 percent, undershooting India at 35.9 percent and Russia at 36.1 percent.

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  • Alec

    The Netherlands ranked world’s second Best Place for Business – That was Then – This is Now – Growth Dutch private sector investments turns into decline

  • Lewis

    world’s second best place for business- only according to Dutch researchers doing the study.

  • Sam

    Royal Philips Electronics: Major Layoffs Ahead. As part of a plan to trim costs by $1.1 billion a year, Royal Philips Electronics plans to cut 4,500 jobs after its quarterly profits fell to $520 million.
    Hong Kong Beated the Netherlands as Best Place for Business? Hong Kong ‘Beat’ the Netherlands as Best Place for Business and using proper English.

  • jason buttle

    Since when is Bloomberg Dutch

  • Dan_Coppock


    Meanwhile, in the real world, Dutch pension funds are told to cut payouts or risk insolvency, the Belastingdienst are late paying back what they took from us in advance as there is no money left, the medical insurance mafia now want to be paid in advance, and 30% of people are ignoring the incasso letters as they have no money… ABN Amro was so toxic that it nearly took down RBS, the mortgage interest rebate is cut as there is no money, but taxis are forced to put up their rates when they dont actually want to, they just want more customers.


    I really despair at how the Dutch attempt to pretend they are anything other than a small, bankrupt, irrelevant backwater with a dodgy military history and an ugly language.

  • Fred Flange

    I love the way you just copied parts of this article from the Bloomberg website. Very professional!

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