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Netherlands ranks 4th in Bloomberg’s Best Countries for Business

The Netherlands is ranked 4th on the Bloomberg’s Best Countries for Business 2013. The Netherlands scored high due to its low costs of doing business, specifically moving goods and less tangible costs.

Hong Kong tops the Bloomberg Best Countries for Business 2013 survey, followed by the United States and Japan, in second and third place respectively.

The Bloomberg Best Countries for Business survey, which is now in its second year, measures 161 countries according to how attractive they are to businesses. The study bases its judgment on data from 11 sources, including the CIA World Factbook, International Monetary Fund, International Labor Organization, Transparency International, United Nations and World Trade Organization.

The countries were ranked on six broad criteria that included the cost of starting a business, the cost of labour and materials and the cost of moving goods. The study also considered each country’s level of global economic integration, the “readiness” of its consumer base to participate in economic activity and “less tangible” costs such as inflation and accounting adaptability.

Following the Netherlands on the top-ten list of business countries are Germany (5), Australia (6), Canada (6), Singapore (8), Denmark (9) and United Kingdom (10). BRIC countries made a relatively poor showing in the Bloomberg ranking.  China dropped to 24th place from 19th in 2012, with India, Russia and Brazil ranking 54, 56 and 61, respectively.