Netherlands Ranks Among Top 10 Least Corrupt Countries in the World

The Netherlands ranks eight in the world in a Corruption Perceptions Index issued by the Berlin-based organization.

The index ranks 177 countries and territories based on how corrupt their public sectors are believed to be based on surveys of business people and country experts.

The two countries at the top — Denmark and New Zealand — are judged to be “very clean” with scores of 91, followed by Finland, Sweden, Norway and Singapore.

The Netherlands score of 83 is down slightly from 84 in the Corruption Perceptions Index released last year.

“No country has a perfect score, and two-thirds of countries score below 50,” the Transparency International report says.

The countries scoring poorest in the study are Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia. The index is based on experts’ opinions of public sector corruption. According to Transparency International, corruption within the public sector is one of the world’s biggest challenges, particularly for political parties, police and justice systems, and remains very difficult to investigate and prosecute.

Top 10 Least Corrupt Countries in the World:
1. New Zealand
3. Denmark
3. Sweden
5. Norway
5. Singapore
7. Switzerland
8. Netherlands
9. Australia
9. Canada

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