Netherlands ranks among top global exporters

Netherlands ranks among top global exporters

The Netherlands was ranked 5th-largest exporting country in the world and the 7th-largest importer last year, according to a report released by the WTO on Thursday.

Worldwide, China was still the top exporter last year, with outbound shipments reaching 1.899 billion dollars, up from 1.578 billion dollars in 2010 and accounting for 10.4 -percent of global trade, according to the WTO report.

The US was runner-up, with exports of 1.481 billion dollars, up from 1.278 billion dollars the previous year, and Germany still ranked third with 1.474 billion dollars of exports, compared with 1.269 billion dollars the previous year, the WTO report said.

The Netherlands ranked fifth with exports of 660 billion dollars, accounting for 3.6 percent of global trade and ranked seventh with imports (597 billion dollars).

In 2013, the growth rate is expected to rise slightly again, to 5.6 percent, the organization forecast. This was the first time the WTO predicted a growth rate more than a year in advance.

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