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Netherlands Ranks in Top 25 Best Country Brands in the World

The Netherlands ranks 18th in top 25 list of the best country brand globally, according to the Country Brand Index, out today from global brand consultancy FutureBrand. As a symbol of economic, cultural and social stability in our tumultuous world, the Netherlands “shows that the cultivation of freedom, tolerance, transparency and environmentalism can put a country’s brand ahead.

Switzerland Jumps to #1 as Brand US Falls Further into Decline; UAE, Chile and Malaysia Ranked as Potential Leaders in 8th Annual Country Brand Index (CBI)

Today, FutureBrand reveals its 8th annual ranking of the world’s leading country brands – moving Switzerland to the #1 seat in the consultancy’s 2012-13 Country Brand Index (CBI), a preeminent global study of country brands.

In keeping with past year’s studies, the 2012-13 CBI ranks the world’s countries – from their cultures, to their industries, to their economic vitality and public policy initiatives – based on global perceptions today. Drawing insights from a collective of 3,600 opinion-formers and frequent international travelers from 18 countries, FutureBrand utilized its proprietary Hierarchal Decision Model (HDM) to determine how key audiences – residents, investors, tourists and foreign governments – see the world’s country brands, from awareness through to advocacy.

The top 25 country brands of 2012-13 include:

  1. Switzerland (+1 from 2012)
  2. Canada (-1)
  3. Japan (+1)
  4. Sweden (+3)
  5. New Zealand (-2)
  6. Australia (-1)
  7. Germany (+4)
  8. United States (-2)
  9. Finland (-1)
  10. Norway (+2)
  11. United Kingdom (+2)
  12. Denmark (+3)
  13. France (-4)
  14. Singapore (+2)
  15. Italy (-5)
  16. Maldives (+2)
  17. Austria (0)
  18. Netherlands (+5)
  19. Spain (-5)
  20. Mauritius (+2)
  21. Ireland (-1)
  22. Iceland (-3)
  23. United Arab Emirates (+2)
  24. Bermuda (-3)
  25. Costa Rica (-1)

In contrast to existing global marketplace estimates founded wholly on GDP or population, FutureBrand’s 2012-13 CBI examines a cross-section of data-driven, behavioral and aspirational forces to forecast the potential of evolving country brands.

Switzerland’s Rise as a Model Nation: As a symbol of economic, cultural and social stability, brand Switzerland shows that the cultivation of freedom, tolerance, transparency and environmentalism can put a country’s brand ahead—even in difficult economic times. After year-over-year growth in the CBI, Switzerland surpasses two-time leader Canada to enjoy top overall honors.

The 2012-13 CBI demonstrates that global shifts are not only a product of economic standing or political power but also of consumer perception. From progressive politics to a sense of openness and freedom, a country that is attuned to the desires and needs of its people will inevitably boost its brand image. Like businesses in the private sector, a country that effectively manages its brand can create a powerful emotional connection that moves both consumers and organizations to invest in its future.

Additional trend reportage, expert findings and data-rich analysis can be found in the full download of FutureBrand’s 2012-13 Country Brand Index, available at

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