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Netherlands to share water expertise with Burma

The Netherlands and Burma are going to cooperate closely in the field of integrated water management. On 29 May, the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment Schultz van Haegen signed an agreement with Burma’s Transport Minister NyanTunAung to work together on water-related issues. The Netherlands will make knowledge and know-how available to support the Burmese people in flood defences, agricultural water management, the fresh-water supply and transport by water. In return, the Netherlands can learn from the weather extremes that often hit Burma.

Minister Schultz: “Like the Netherlands, Burma is a river delta. And, like the Netherlands, Burma has a long coastline. We would like to share the lessons we have learned with others. Two heads are better than one. Together, we will look for solutions to the challenges Burma is facing: dry feet, clean water and a fruitful countryside.”

In 2008, Cyclone Nargis caused the deaths of 140,000 people in Burma. In 2010, the country was again hit hard, and two weeks ago Cyclone Mahasen left victims in its wake. Under this agreement, the Dutch and Burmese ministries will together set up a steering group which will organise mutual participation in projects and programmes, technical training courses, seminars and study trips, and will flesh out a an integrated water strategy for Burma. The duration of the agreement is three years.

Source: Government of the Netherlands