8% of Dutch population has never used the Internet

8% of Dutch population has never used the Internet

More than 8% of all Dutch people has never used the Internet. 76% of Dutch people use of the Internet on a daily basis, according to figures from the European statistics agency Eurostat.

On average, 26% of Europeans have no experience with the Internet, Iceland ranks best with 5%.

The Netherlands is one of the world leaders in broadband, and now stands first in the EU with 39% take-up as a percentage of population. Fixed broadband coverage is virtually complete. The Netherlands has the highest connectivity of households in the EU (91%), while the number of households who go online via a broadband connection is higher only in Denmark. Take-up of broadband by businesses has not changed very much and now stands at 91%, above the EU average of 84%. Wireless Internet is well established, although the Netherlands is not among the best-performing countries in this area.

Good connectivity has translated into a high proportion of Internet users and growth in the use of advanced services. Some 88% of Dutch citizens access the Internet at least weekly, while 76% do so almost daily, well above the EU average. Furthermore, only 8% of the population has never used the Internet, as compared to 26% for the EU as a whole.

The Netherlands is also leading the way in the take-up of Internet services, with well above-average rates of use for all indicators. The majority of Internet users buy goods and services online and other indicators of eCommerce are above average according to Eurostat.

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