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New Amsterdam Plein and Pavilion Dutch gift to New York

New York’s prize-winning New Amsterdam Plein & Pavilion was officially opened on 12 May 2011 in a festive ceremony on Peter Minuit Plaza.

The New Amsterdam Plein & Pavilion is a gift from the Netherlands to New York in honour of 400 years of friendship with the United States.

The iconic structure, which brings together New Yorkers, commuters and tourists, was designed by Dutch architect Ben van Berkel.

Peter Minuit Plaza, where the Plein & Pavilion is situated, receives some 75,000 visitors a day and is part of The Battery, the historic site of the first Dutch settlement New Amsterdam.

The monument at the Peter Minuit Plaza at the Battery will play host public markets, provide seating and shade and a sizable food court and information center for the public. Van Berkel is best known for his work on the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, the design and restructuring of the Harbor Ponte Parodi in Genoa and the Moebius house.