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New Dutch Cyber Security Lab for comprehensive approach to cyber risks

On 21 May and in the presence of fifty or so experts on Cyber Security from government, industry and research, TNO is opening the doors of its new Cyber Security Lab, CSL. This Cyber Security Lab has been optimally designed to tackle the challenges of Cyber Security in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary way. TNO’s CSL offers highly promising cyber-innovation projects not only its existing expertise but also the technical facilities and a safe working environment.

TNO co-develops innovative solutions with pertinent parties in the CSL to give a pre-emptive boost to digital security and learn lessons from real incidents, focusing not only on the technology side but also on the human, process, organisation and control aspects.

The opening ‘act’ is being performed by Jan Willem Kelder, member of the TNO Board of Management, in the presence of the National Coordinator for Terrorism and Security, Dick Schoof. The opening features a symbolic ‘hack’ by two nine year-old boys as well as a debate among knowledge experts from the ‘knowledge-government-research’ triple helix on the matter of realising a secure cyberspace and what is needed to do this.

TNO innovates for a Secure Cyber Space
TNO strives to achieve a Secure Cyber Space with no criminality, that is resilient and can withstand disruptions. A Cyber Space that stimulates innovation, the economy and national security. TNO helps to realise these aims through its multidisciplinary and experimental approach to knowledge and innovations. The CSL, a flexible basic facility that will be extended as needed, is thus an essential secure cyber environment to make the gradually transition to mature solutions. TNO works with partners from government, research and industry towards these goals.

Preventive solutions instead of incident-based panic
In one of the first projects to be started in the Cyber Security Lab TNO will co-develop the Cyber Incident Experience with FOX-IT. Managing Director of TNO Defence, Safety & Security, Henk Geveke says, “It must be feasible to reconstruct a customer incident within two to six weeks so that this can be re-lived in all its facets by those immediately involved in it.”

The systematic collection of facts and figures from our own research and from other sources can enable us to move from incidents to evidence-based facts and forecasts, which also gives us the insight into the innovations needed to prevent cyber incidents.

Cyberhood Watch
Henk Geveke has also made a plea for a Cyberhood Watch Initiative, similar to Neighbourhood Watch. Geveke: “If you can use citizens and the power of the crowd effectively for cyber prevention, then there is a lot to be gained. Less than 1% of cyber criminals makes it difficult for 99% of normal internet users. Let’s see if we can turn that upside down!”

TNO Cyber Security Lab in Hague Security Delta
TNO is one of the founding fathers of and an active partner in ‘The Hague Security Delta’ (HSD): the growing industry-government-research network in the security sector and champion of innovative security solutions and economic development in The Hague region. With revenues of 1.5 billion euros and 10,000 jobs, the security sector is important to the Dutch economy. On behalf of HSD TNO is driving the Cyber Security and Urban Security ‘innovation houses’ forward by bringing the Cyber Security Lab and the Cyber Incident Experience into this cooperation. TNO is also the knowledge partner for the Serious Gaming, National Security, Dynamic Infrastructure and Forensics innovation houses, providing high-level expertise in technological and societal innovations as well as connecting them with and for a safer and more secure society.