Apple iOS 4.3 brings more new features for the iPhone and iPad

Apple has released a beta version of its IOS 4.3 to developers. Version 4.3 gets a number of interesting extras, both for users and developers of apps.

One of the most striking changes is that in IOS 4.3 you can use gestures with more fingers. So far IOS detects the presence of two fingers on the screen simultaneously. IOS 4.3 makes it possible to use four and five fingers simultaneously, that option will probably be only supported on the iPad. When you reduce a screen with five fingers simultaneously you will return to the homepage.

The new menus in IOS 4.3 also introduced the ability to use the iPhone as personal WiFi hotspot. Verizon already announced that possibility in the announcement of its iPhone service – as the second provider in the U.S. a personal hotspot can offer Internet access to your iPad, iPod touch or laptop via a USB cable, WiFi or Bluetooth, which can be useful in places where no Internet access outside the mobile network is available.

More options for developers
One important change is that AirPlay available to third parties. Apple introduced in IOS AirPlay 4.2. But that version was the “media streaming’ function only be invoked by applications that Apple has broken, like YouTube and Safari. From version 4.3 AirPlay is also available for app developers.

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