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New highway brings Netherlands closer to Germany

Today, the Netherlands was able to bid farewell to a serious traffic bottleneck in Venlo caused by daily (heavy vehicle) traffic having to drive through the municipality to cross the border with Germany. With the official opening of the new A74 motorway, from now on there is a direct and fast connection to and from Germany. At just 2.5 km in length, the A74 is one of the shortest motorways in the Netherlands but it means reduced travelling times for road transport and puts an end to the traffic nuisance for the residents of Venlo.

With the unveiling of the boulders on the border between Venlo-Tegelen and Germany, Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure & the Environment) and her German fellow ministers Ramsauer and Voigtsberger, declared the new motorway that links the A73 to the German A61 officially open. From Thursday 5 April (6.00 a.m.) road users will be able to use the new link. German visitors to the Floriade which opens for the public on Thursday will benefit from the motorway immediately.

Minister Schultz: “The Netherlands and Germany are now even better connected to one another and Venlo has been relieved of the pressure of the one and a half million lorries that drive through the streets of the municipality every year. Our road network now has one bottleneck less and we have a fast connection to our major trading partner. That is good for accessibility and good for the economy.”