A new initiative in the world of wine

A new initiative in the world of wine

Marnix Engels, 52, certified expert in wine by Dutch law and owner of several wine-related businesses has passed some of his enthusiasm to his son, Alexander, to starting a new initiative in the wine market which brings consumers & wine producers together on an online platform.

Alexander, 22, almost graduated from Amsterdam’s University in International Business & Administration has experience in developing online concepts, which lead to the collaboration between father and son of launching an international wine platform for wine passionates & professionals: United Wine Cellars.

On the website www.unitedwinecellars.com every wine enthusiast or professional can create their own virtual wine cellar with his/her favorite wines. One can then read all the information ‘behind’ these wines. There is the possibility to add tasting notes & give personal ratings, as well as the feature of finding out which wines could be of personal interest as well: the website generates personal suggestions based on a members’ taste.

The wines that members hold in their virtual cellar are used as a means of contacting wine producers who can then share all the information about their wines and winery. This makes the story behind the wines more ‘alive’ and consumers can learn everything from their favorite wines with the producer as ‘their teacher’.

The website has in incredible database that describes nearly all the wine regions in the world and currently holds over 650.000 bottles. Launched in 2010, and today home to over 8.000 members from all over the world. ‘’A good start’’, according to junior & senior. From this year on, a team of wine enthusiastic employees are hired to maintain and improve the website.

If you want to know more about your favorite wines and feel like getting connected to the world behind them, then this website is not only the perfect source for information, it’s also very fun!

Coming soon:
– Fully integrated wine community
– Share your virtual cellar, tasting notes & ratings with friends

Registering is free! Have a look at www.unitedwinecellars.com

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