Dutch Movie New Kids Turbo a success in German cinemas

Dutch Movie New Kids Turbo a success in German cinemas

The movie New Kids Turbo is a success in Germany by running at a record number of 186 German cinemas.

Never before had a Dutch movie such a successful release in Germany, reports producer Eyeworks.

The New Kids dubbed the German version themselves. “We believe the German version is much funnier, ” said directors Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kuil.

New Kids released the special remix, Friends Turbo, together with German hardcore phenomenon Scooter to promote the German version. Scooter is known from the nineties, when he scored hits like Hyper Hyper and Move Your Ass.

In the Netherlands the movie has drawn more than one million visitors in a record time to the cinema. The comedy New Kids Turbo is about five friends from ‘Maaskantje’ who are getting fired because of the economic crisis. so they decide not to pay for anything anymore.

They’re stealing beer and food, but the police is tying to end it. Unfortunate, the stupid cop from Maaskantje can’t stop them, so the local police involves other cops to help.

Watch the German trailer of New Kids Turbo below:

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