New KLM campaign connects Facebook to a real plane

New KLM campaign connects Facebook to a real plane

KLM challenges Facebook fans to convert their Facebook profile pictures into a Delft Blue tile with an inspiring message. The most inspiring “Dutch Delft Blue tiles” will be placed on the body of a KLM-plane Boeing 777-200. This worldwide campaign is named Tile & Inspire and starts today.

Though the emphasis of the Tile & Inspire campaign is on Facebook, it is open to anyone. In the Dutch market it is also available on Hyves. For those who do not have a Facebook or Hyves account, it is possible to create a personal Delft Blue tile via and to try to secure a spot on a KLM-plane. Inspirational messages for the plane will be judged in Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, French and Spanish. Ultimately the plane will carry a range of inspirational messages in these languages and it will fly the messages to many destinations.

Erik Varwijk, Managing Director KLM says: “With this new campaign, KLM takes its Journeys of Inspiration strategy a step further. Tile & Inspire is another initiative to inspire our passengers and to actively engage customers around the world, like we did with the successful KLM surprise and our worldwide Luggage tag campaign”.

Delft Blue tiles and KLM’s Delft Blue miniature houses

Delft Blue tiles are part of the Dutch tradition. The porcelain tiles were decorated with typically Dutch scenes, such as windmills or fishing boats. These Dutch scenes were commonly supported by some words of wisdom or an inspirational proverb. For ages Delftware decorated many Dutch houses.

Get your Delft blue portrait on a real KLM plane!

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