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New platform provides you with a personalised guide through Amsterdam

To the delight of Amsterdam visitors and residents, DELI Amsterdam is a unique platform that is launching to give you a personalised look into the city.

With its rich history, array of cultural sites and cosmopolitan vibe, Amsterdam has a lot to offer. However, both tourists and locals alike often fall into the vicious cycle of ending up at the same places without venturing out to the new ones. DELI Amsterdam is based on the idea that everyone experiences a city through their own lens and is ultimately seeking to find something that speaks to their taste. And thus, this distinctive platform is created to give city tips with respect to a person’s lifestyle.

In order for DELI Amsterdam to be able to give relevant suggestions, the website first presents the user with a short personality test. Based on the test’s results, the platform comes up with a number of suitable activities and places to visit.The results are visually presented in six key categories: music (including clubs, DJ parties and festivals), bars (including pubs, cafes and bars), culture (featuring museums, theaters, exhibitions), shopping, restaurants and outdoors (parks, sport events). Each category is represented in an interactive circle with fifteen tailor-made suggestions – the closer to the circle’s heart, the more relevant the suggestion is.

The website has opted for a clean and trendy design. The colourful illustrations in the test bring a fresh touch, which is in line with the platform’s fun and vibrant look.

Anna Kolk, who came up with the concept behind DELI comments: “I saw a great potential in having a platform, which can enable you to discover your Amsterdam. It’s something useful for both tourists and locals. I am glad that the DELI team managed to bring the idea to life.”

The platform is officially going live on July, 23rd with a launch event at Hutspot in Amsterdam. With Amsterdam as the first location, the DELI team plans on expanding its concept to other metropolitan cities around the globe.

Visit DELI Amsterdam website: