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New structure for Queen’s Day 2012 announced

During Queen’s Day 2012, the central areas of Amsterdam will host several diverse small-scale events. Dance parties will be held outside the city centre, and advance tickets are required for most of these. The number of tickets are limited, so visitors are encouraged to plan their activities in advance. An overview of officially licensed Queen’s Day events will be published by the Vijfhoek (a collaborative organisation comprising the City of Amsterdam, Public Prosecution Service, Police, Municipal Medical & Health Department and Fire Brigade). There will be no large public event held on Museumplein. Instead, the area around Museumplein will be available to use as part of the city’s public flea market.

It was previously announced that Queen’s Day in Amsterdam would be configurated differently in 2012. In recent years it has been noted that the event has reached its limits. The number of visitors has increased dramatically, putting exceptional strain on the city’s emergency services. Large events in the centre and visitors’ increased alcohol intake can potentially cause a serious risk to safety.

Better distribution of events
During Queen’s Day 2012, around 225 mostly smaller-scale events will take place in Amsterdam. This will create more space for the citywide flea market. The number of events is not actually lower than in previous years, but the scale of each has been carefully considered, as has the distribution throughout the city. In previous years, events were primarily focussed in the District of Zuid and the Centre. Now larger events will be refocused away from these to make use of new locations. A few examples include the event by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Party Bond at the Olympic Stadium, Loveland in Oosterpark, and TWSTD on the Haparandaweg. Tickets are required for entry to these parties. At the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam-Noord, there will be a new festival titled Vrijhaven. This is a large celebration of Dutch music and culture, plus a flea market. The Kop van Java will also be home to a party organised by Slam FM. The City of Amsterdam will ensure that all officially licensed events meet all necessary safety requirements. Discussions with event organisers are on-going.

Do not travel via station Amsterdam Central
In 2011, the number of visitors in Amsterdam on Queen’s Day increased to approximately 800,000. Almost half of these visitors travelled from outside Amsterdam. However, the transportation of passengers to and from Amsterdam has reached its limit. Due to ongoing maintenance at the train station and its metro tunnel, fewer travellers can safely use Amsterdam Central than in previous years. Visitors are advised not to travel via Amsterdam Central on Queen’s Day 2012, and instead to make use of station Amsterdam Zuid. This alternative station has previously provided easy and quick access to the city. For example, routes from Amsterdam Zuid to key locations such as Museumplein, Vondelpark and Leidseplein are more efficient than travelling from Amsterdam Central.

Keeping it civil: more enforcement
Amsterdam is committed to ensuring that Queen’s Day 2012 celebrations throughout the city remain civil and pleasant for all. Due to the high number of ambulances required last year because of excessive alcohol consumption, there will be tighter controls over illegal alcohol sales, those carrying large qualities of alcohol, and areas of the hospitality industry promoting alcohol consumption. Agreements with supermarkets will be made to enforce more responsible alcohol sales. Furthermore, as well as a number of existing measures that remain in force, the Vijfhoek is working to install new rules to prevent excessive alcohol consumption. These new regulations will be announced soon.

Closing time
Since 2010, all official Queen’s Day events in Amsterdam finish at 20:00. This has led to a safer dispersion of visitors. An alcohol ban on trains and at all railway stations will also remain in place. Similarly, rules for those using the city’s waterways remain unchanged.
Advance information

Those planning to visit Amsterdam during Queen’s Day 2012 will be kept informed via the websites of the City of Amsterdam ( [in Dutch] and Additionally, the City of Amsterdam will also collaborate with the police to share the latest information via social media.