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ngmoco Acquires European Mobile Game Studio, Rough Cookie

Netherlands-based iOS and Android Developer Expands ngmoco’s Global Presence, Adds Power to ngmoco’s First-Party Efforts

Mobile social games leader ngmoco, a DeNA company, has acquired acclaimed mobile game studio Rough Cookie. Rough Cookie, developer of Star Defense for iOS, We Farm Android and We City Android, among many other successful titles, will add creative power to ngmoco’s internal studios. Rough Cookie will also establish a presence for ngmoco in Europe as the company readies the global launch of its social network for mobile games, Mobage. The Netherlands-based studio is already working on new ngmoco games for the Mobage service.

“Rough Cookie’s values and creative capability are a perfect match for ngmoco,” Neil Young, CEO, ngmoco, said. “We are delighted to formally bring Rough Cookie into our family of companies. At ngmoco, it’s important for us to anchor the Mobage service with great first-party games and Rough Cookie will be a key studio in achieving that goal.”

Based in Amsterdam, Rough Cookie was founded late 2008 by Wouter ten Brink, Danny Hoffman and Erik t’ Sas, to focus on smartphone games development. Star Defense was an early success; after ngmoco presented the game on the WWDC keynote stage, the title was a top-selling App Store game in the summer of 2009. The game earned Rough Cookie a Dutch Game Award as well as acclaim in the Top 50 iPhone Developers of the Year, by Pocket Gamer.

Rough Cookie has since worked on several games across iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 platforms. The game design firm has collaborated with numerous developers on popular games such as ngmoco’s Touch Pets series, music title Pulse: the Game, and ngmoco’s upcoming We City Android and We Farm Android.

“We are very excited to be joining the ngmoco and DeNA family,” Hoffmann commented. “We had great experiences and results on the projects that we have worked on with ngmoco, and we are truly proud to join the leader of mobile entertainment.”

Rough Cookie is currently developing an unannounced ngmoco flagship title for Mobage. Powered by ngmoco’s ngCore technology, the new game will be available on both iOS and Android devices. Also, the latest Rough Cookie game, Pachinko Frenzy, is already on deck to be a Mobage launch title.

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About Rough Cookie
Rough Cookie, founded in late 2008 and based in Amsterdam the Netherlands, is focused on the design and development of premium quality games for high-end mobile platforms including Apple iPhone and Android.

About ngmoco
ngmoco is a wholly owned subsidiary of DeNA Co., Ltd, the world’s leading social mobile gaming company. Headquartered in San Francisco and with studios in New York and Portland, ngmoco creates and publishes games for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android in collaboration with the best and brightest game makers in the world. ngCore technology is patent pending. To find out more about Mobage Smartphone SDK visit To witness the lives and minds of the ngmoco team at work on the future of social mobile gaming, visit

About DeNA
DeNA Co., Ltd. is the leading mobile social game platform provider. Net revenues in 2010 will exceeded $1.2B with over $600M profit from just 27M users. The strengths of DeNA are strong community base, post launch operations and rapidly expanding developer line-ups. 317 partner companies are currently providing 869 game titles. To accelerate global deployment further, DeNA acquired ngmoco to use its social gaming platform as DeNA’s global platform. For more information, please visit