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No multi-tasking and copy paste in Windows 7 Phone

Windows 7 Phone can not run external apps in the background. Also copy-paste text between apps is still missing in the release of the system later this year.

Microsoft’s new mobile operating system must initially do without ‘multitasking’: external apps can not run simultaneously. Windows 7 Phone will only support a handful of multitasking with standard applications of the system itself, such as music and text.

“Third-party Apps can not run in the background,” said Charlie Kindel, manager of Microsoft’s Windows Phone App Platform, at Wired.

Apple and Android
This follows Microsoft’s policy of Apple with its iPhone OS also still able to do multitasking. There are rumors that version 4.0 of the iPhone can do multitasking. Other mobile systems, such as Google Android and Palms WebOS can run several apps at once and make it easy to switch between them.

No copy-paste
The simple feature to copy and paste text is also not possible with Windows 7 Phone.

Microsoft already released the Windows Phone 7 Series developer tools.

The Windows Phone Marketplace unveiled at the Microsoft’s MIX10 event looked super polished, you can browse categories and titles, see featured items, and get details with ratings, reviews, screen shots, and pricing information.