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Nocturnal Delight – Photographs by Hans Withoos

Nocturnal Delight – Photographs by Hans Withoos

‘Nocturnal Delight’ shows a new series of photographs by Dutch artist Hans Withoos. Inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins the photographer created his nocturnal scenes with great style and imagination.

Mysterious and fashionable images with a certain tension, sometimes erotic but always highly sophisticated. The exhibition is from 18 June until 30 July in the photo gallery of Eduard Planting in Amsterdam.

The general theme of ‘Nocturnal Delight’ is that of mortals in their weakest moments, experiencing suffering, the complications of worldly addictions and the consequences of moments of passion. The photographs are made remarkable by the deliberate choice of recognizable locations in cities like Amsterdam, Antwerp, London, Marrakesh, New York, Paris, Rotterdam and Venice. Beautiful people and fashion play an important role in the fascinating scenes and tableaux vivants.

Hans Withoos (1962) is an experienced fashion and advertising photographer, based in Rotterdam. For commissioned work he also collaborates with Jolanda Cats. Personal ‘fine art’ work of Hans Withoos is characterized by colourful images full of fantasy, with eccentric aesthetics. In an intriguing manner he uses image manipulation. His work was exhibited in galleries and at art fairs in Holland and the United States. And is internationally included in private art collections.

From 8 until 17 July ‘Nocturnal Delight’ will be part of the Downtown programme of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

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Wednesday to Saturday: 1 – 6 PM. And also by appointment.

Gallery Eduard Planting Fine Art Photographs
Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 2 links in Amsterdam
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