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North Sea provides provides many jobs in the Netherlands

The activities by Dutch enterprises on and around the North Sea provide jobs, directly or indirectly, to almost a quarter of a million people. This is just over 4 percent of total employment in the Netherlands, according to Statistics Netherlands. The contribution to the total value added, that is what the entire Dutch population earns, is even higher at nearly 7 percent.

The economic activities related to the North Sea do not all take place on the North Sea itself. Sea ports and the coastal area also have strong economic ties with the North Sea. The North Sea activities have an effect on employment in the rest of the Dutch economy as well. For instance, the activities in the ports provide jobs in the transport sector.

In 2007 some 14 thousand employees worked at sea in shipping, fishing, and oil and gas extraction. Most full-time jobs, 192 thousand, are tied to sea ports. These are jobs in the manufacturing industries, transport, storage and wholesale trade. Coastal areas also benefit from the proximity of the North Sea, for instance through tourism. Hotels and restaurants, the retail trade, culture and sports employed about 40 thousand people in the coastal areas.

Port of Rotterdam provides most jobs
The Port of Rotterdam provides 86 thousand fulltime jobs, directly and indirectly. That is 45 percent of total unemployment related to the Dutch sea ports. The transhipment companies, the manufacturing industry, and the wholesale trade play a key role in ports. Indirectly, the transport sector plays a crucial role as well because these companies transport all cargo to the hinterland.