The Netherlands to witness Northern Lights?

Dutch People in some parts of the Netherlands may be able witness Northern Lights.

Recent explosions on the Sun mean that the Northern Lights are now visible in many northern countries.

Astronomers have recently observed an increase in the number of eruptions on the surface of the Sun. This weekend, satellites from both NASA and ESA (the North American and European space agencies) registered an enormous plasma eruption headed towards the Earth.

Particles from this eruption will reach us on Tuesday night according to Dutch science journalist Govert Schilling, following a report from Radio Netherlands Worldwide. And in our magnetically charged atmosphere, this will lead to the appearance of the Northern Lights, the renowned play of light that manifests itself as ripples in enormous red and green curtains in the night sky.

The fact that the Northern Lights will be visible outside the polar regions is not completely a matter of chance. The Sun’s activity follows cycles of approximately 11 years and, says Schilling, “Since 2000 it has been relatively calm. We have actually been waiting for more than two years for renewed activity. It’s about time the Sun woke up.”

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