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Number of new homes built in the Netherlands soars to a decade high

Number of new homes built in the Netherlands soars to a decade high

Last year, almost 71 thousand new-build completions were reported in the Netherlands. This is over 6 percent up on 2018 and the highest number in the span of a decade. With these new completions, the total dwelling stock grew by 0.9 percent. At almost 9 percent, the fastest growing supply of new dwellings was recorded in Diemen. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this based on newly released figures.

Between 2000 and 2009, housing completions accounted for an annual growth in dwelling stock of more than 1 percent, i.e. an average of 76 thousand new dwellings per year. At the lowest point in dwelling production – in 2014 – growth had declined to 0.6 percent or 45 thousand new homes. In the following four years, however, the number of new-build dwellings rose at an increasingly fast pace. This continued into 2019 with more homes added than in the previous year.

Amsterdam’s dwelling stock grew by 5,007, traditionally adding the highest number of new-build homes among all municipalities. The total number of homes in Amsterdam stands at over 447 thousand, equivalent to nearly 6 percent of the national dwelling stock.

Source: CBS