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Nuon and farmers reach agreement on wind farm

One of the largest onshore wind farms in the Netherlands will be built west of Zeewolde in Flevoland. Starting from 2013, 36 wind turbines will provide power for around 88,000 households – enough for a city the size of Almere. Today Nuon, part of Vattenfall, and 63 farmers united in the wind power consortium de Zuidlob signed an agreement for acquisition of the shares by Vattenfall. Nuon was the original developer of the wind farm and already held 5% of the shares.

Both parties are pleased to announce the construction of the wind farm. “This is a great step for Vattenfall and the development of sustainable energy in the Netherlands”, says Anders Dahl, Head of Renewables at Vattenfall. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to implement this wind farm. With a capacity of around 122 MW, it will be the largest contiguous Vattenfall wind farm in the Netherlands held by a single owner. For us this means nearly a doubling of land-based wind power capacity in the Netherlands.”

Vattenfall’s total investment in the development of the wind farm is around € 150 million.