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Obama praises Dutch health care

President Obama praised the Dutch healthcare system during the royal visit at the White House with prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima.

The Dutch prince and princess were in New York last week to celebrate the 400 year anniversary of Dutch captain Henry Hudson’s discovery of New York. They brought a visit to the White House in Washington where the Royal couple was received by Michelle and Barack Obama. “The atmosphere was very relaxed and cordial,” according to the crown prince. The president, who last week announced plans for a new care system in the U.S., said Willem-Alexander to give an outline of health care in the Netherlands.

First Lady Michelle Obama met with the Prince and Princess first to have tea and exchange gifts. President Barack Obama joined later for a conversation with the Dutch royal couple.

Healthcare was an important theme of the meeting, which lasted around half an hour.

The President uses the Dutch healthcare system as an example in several occasions, said Willem-Alexander in a report on

He finds it “a good system, and there are certain elements he would like to take on.”

Healthcare has been a contentious issue for the US President, as opposition to an overhaul of the current system became louder over the summer. Tens of thousands of protesters marched on the U.S. Capitol against proposed his reforms Saturday.

President Obama thanked the couple for the Dutch cooperation in Afghanistan and asked Willem-Alexander as IOC member would support the candidacy of Chicago for the Olympic Games in 2016.

The Dutch prince and princess were impressed with the “Job Swap” program, an exchange between workers from New York and the Netherlands. A Dutch teacher and a Dutch fireman from the Netherlands worked along with their counterparts in the Big Apple.

The royal couple experienced “an incredible visit” in New York. “We had good relations emphasize four hundred years”, said Willem-Alexander. “All the energy we have invested in the celebration is definitely worth it.” Shared values of freedom and tolerance were key, but according to Princess Máxima of the Netherlands.