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Octo-Mom signs Dutch TV show deal

American octo-mom, Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to the six boys and two girls in January and also has six other children, agreed to be filmed for a proposed television show by Eyeworks, a Dutch production company.

Nadya Suleman of California has officially signed a contract for filming a reality television series about her family.

Apparently it will be less “intrusive” than reality TV, whereby several events in the children’s lives would be filmed in a documentary series.

Nadya Suleman just gave birth to eight children in January and already has six at home. Her story became big because she conceived all of her fourteen children via in vitro fertilization, is unmarried, was unemployed, and not financially independent. She made headlines because her octuplets are the second set of living octuplets born in the United States. She stayed in the headlines because people could not understand or relate to the choices she made in continuing to try to have children and how her decisions would affect her children and the community.

The show will be modeled after a successful Eyeworks TV series in the Netherlands that documents the lives of four children from the day they were born until they become adults. The company hasn’t yet sold the show to any American television network.

Octo-mom will get to use a camera and do some of the filming herself according to The Associated Press.

The show has no name yet, but Suleman has sought to trademark her media nickname “Octomom” for a TV show and a line of diapers.