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Octopus Paul gets commemorative place in Oberhausen

Octopus Paul, the octopus which became famous during the World Cup in South Africa, gets its own monument in aquarium Sea Life Oberhausen in Germany three months after his death, where he spends most of his life. That reported German media on Monday.

A special memorial corner for the phenomenon will open Thursday at Sealife.

They include an urn with the remains of the octopus and a memorial three-dimensional image of the animal. The octopus died in October at age 2.5.

The octopus was able to predict the winners of eight out of eight matches in advance during the World Cup last summer.

The octopus predicted that Spain would win the final against the Netherlands and Germany the consolation final.

All other matches in Germany, he predicted, which included the loss against Spain in the semi-finals.