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Official opening Keukenhof 2012 by Mrs Anna Komorowska, wife of the Polish President

In the light of our theme of 2012 Poland – Heart of Europa Mr Frans Timmermans, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, will give a speech about the relations between Poland and the Netherlands. The afternoon’s entertainment will be provided by the MozART group from Poland, who are specially interrupting their European tour to perform at the official opening.

Poland – Heart of Europe” is the theme for Keukenhof 2012. The highlight for this theme year is the Romance of Chopin. The flower bulb mosaic shows a portrait of Chopin who was born in Poland.

For several years now, Keukenhof has chosen to feature a different theme country each season. The theme country is the focus of attention in the park, which ensures a great deal of publicity in the country itself. In 2012, we are going toEastern Europe. From 22 March to 20 May, the park’s focus will be onPolandas “Poland– Heart of Europe”. Keukenhof will be paying a colourful tribute toPoland, which is not only an important export market for flowering bulbs but also a growing source of tourists. In 2011, around 9.000 Polish visitors passed through the gates of Keukenhof.

Chopin bursts into flower at Keukenhof
The most popular draw at Keukenhof in 2012 is sure to be the flower bulb mosaic of Chopin. His Excellency Dr Janusz Stanczyk, the Polish ambassador to theNetherlands, planted the final bulbs for this in October. The mosaic measures 12 x 20 metres and contains 50,000 flowering bulbs.

Linking the two entrances to the park, the theme route “Heart of Europe” refers to the role of Poland in Central Europe and the link between East and West. In the exhibition “Surprising Poland” in the Juliana Pavilion, we will also be showing some unexpected faces of Poland. Image, light, sound and decor will make this exhibition a truly special experience. The Willem Alexander Pavilion has a scientific theme, focusing on the Insight of Copernicus.

Keukenhof will be opening its gates to the public for the 63rd time on Thursday, 22 March 2012. When the gates close eight weeks later, once again many guests from all over the world will have visited Keukenhof, making Keukenhof a significant contributor to the success of the tourist industry in theNetherlands and this region in particular.

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