Oger Joins the Club of Gucci, Versace and Ferrari

Oger Joins the Club of Gucci, Versace and Ferrari

From now on, Dutch retailer and designer of Italian men’s fashion Oger can be named together with world famous brands like Gucci, Versace, Ferrari, Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana, Brioni and Illy. Founder and face of the company Oger Lusink is the first Dutchman to be admitted as a Honorary Member of Altagamma, the foundation that represents the crème de la crème of Italian Businesses in fashion, design, jewelry, cosmetics, food and automotive.

Since 1992 the Altagamma Foundation has gathered together over 80 high-end Italian companies whose brands are internationally famous. It’s a sort of Unesco, protecting and promoting the heritage of top-quality Italian industry and the culture that supports it. Altagamma’s Honorary Council has 102 international members who most contribute to the awareness, promotion and recognition of Italian excellence in the world. With its admittance Oger Fashion shares itself amongst top quality retailers and other high-end companies like Harrods, Bloomingdales, Selfridges, Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman.

Since Oger Lusink founded his company in 1989, he makes an effort to acquaint Dutch men with a more Latin inspired fashion. “I was the first one to introduce the Italian handmade product from Naples and from all over Italy. Just like your amazing companies we are a family business,” Lusink said at the inauguration at Altagamma’s headquarters in Milan.

According to Altagamma, Oger is one of the most important designers and retailers in Northern Europe. As a retailer Oger presents men’s wear from almost all of the top Italian brands. As a designer Oger develops and manufactures its own fashion collections in Italy. Therefore, Altagamma considers Oger an ambassador of Italian men’s fashion. “We are very happy to have Oger as a company and mister Oger as a person,” vice-chairman director Armando Branchini of Altagamma said.

Oger Lusink was honoured. “It’s a milestone in our career. We belong to the top of the world now and that gives us a special feeling,” he said.

After the official inauguration on October 28 th in Milan Oger Fashion celebrates its new membership in the Netherlands on Friday November the 15th at the Hilton hotel in Amsterdam.

SOURCE Oger Fashion Group

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