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Old Dutch jail haunted

A team of ghostbusters is investigating ghosts of deceased prisoners in the former Leeuwarder city jail “The Blokhuispoort”, according to Carex, caretaker of the old jail.

The building is currently used as a workshop for artists and musicians who think that the old jail is haunted. The building served from 1580 to 2007 as a prison.

The company The Dutch Paranormal Society (TDPS) has been hired by Carex to inspect the building. Daniel van Vliet of TDPS think it possible that ghosts of former prisoners, who have been brutally deceased, are angry.

TDPS does not want to get rid of the ghosts from the jail, but try to document the ghost activity on video and audio.

Mysteriously the secret investigation at the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden will has currently been postponed for unknown reasons.

Once the former prison “The Blokhuispoort” in Leeuwarden was the place of torture. In the 17th century the fortress was a pain and torture house. People were executed in public. This history is embedded in the building.

Students of art of the Friesland College were inspired and use the Blokhuispoort artistically as a haunted house in The House of Elements.
Chosen lives of criminals still roam the deserted building. They are nestled in the nooks and crannies, and they yearn for a change of guard.