One in eight Dutch not really healthy

Many healthy Dutch do not seem as healthy as they believe themselves to be. Nearly one in eight, without realizing it, has a significant risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes (diabetes), cancers and cardiovascular problems.

This totally wrong idea of their own health according to a study by the NIPED, a Dutch institute for health prevention and early diagnosis. The approximately ten thousand persons enrolled a two years during study, both employees of some large Dutch companies and also people above sixty years old.

The study showed that more than 10 percent has a strong chance of developing a chronic disease in the future. Preventive medical or psychological treatment would be quite appropriate to prevent worse, the institute recommends.

However, only some of the participants with a high ‘risk’ of disease, after being confronted with their own unhealthy habits is able to permanent or for a long time to adjust their lifestyle . Healthy (er) food, more exercise, more relaxation and less smoking and alcohol are leading to a quickly measurable health benefits.

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