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One in eight employees threatened by ‘burn-out’ in the Netherlands

More than 1 in 8 employees had burn-out complaints in 2011 according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands. These complaints are relatively common among employees who work under pressure and employees who have little social support from colleagues and management. Employees with a partner and children have fewer burn-out complaints than other employees.

In 2011 13 percent of the employees indicated they had burn-out complaints. This means over 900 thousand people given the total of more than 7 million employees in the Netherlands. The complaints include fatigue and emotional exhaustion. In 2008 the share of employees with burn-out complaints rose, but has stabilised ever since.

Burn-out complaints more common when pressure at work is high
Some 4 in 10 employees experience high pressure at work, of whom 22 percent have burn-out complaints. This is 7 percent among employees with low pressure at work. The amount of control people have over their work also plays a role, but not as great as pressure at work. 16 percent of the people with little control over their work experience burn-out complaints compared to 10 percent of employees with much control.

Good social climate linked to fewer burn-out complaints
Some employees feel they get little support from colleagues and management, for instance in getting the work done. Among them 37 percent have burn-out complaints. This is only 11 percent among employees who feel more supported. The share of employees experiencing little social support is low though, about 8 percent.

Fewer burn-out complaints from employees with a partner and children
Some 1 in 9 employees with a partner and children experienced burn-out complaints. This is low compared to other employees. 1 in 6 single employees had burn-out complaints, while 1 in 7 single parent employees did. This is about the same as employees with a partner and without children.