One in four Dutch youth are crime victims

One in four Dutch youth are crime victims

Approximately one quarter of young people became victims of crime in 2012 according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands. Young men are more often victims of violent crimes than young women. The number of young men receiving victim support is also higher.

Just over 26 percent of 15 to 25-year-olds were victims of crime in 2012. The percentage is higher among young people than among people aged 25 or older. The majority of crimes are crimes against property. Young people are often victims of bicycle theft and pickpocketing. Young people are less often victims of vandalism, like destruction of property than 25 to 45-year-olds. A reason might be that the latter age category are generally wealthier and therefore they are more likely to have their property vandalised or damaged.

Violent crime rate high among young men
On average, as many young men as young women were victims of criminal offences in 2012, but young men were more often victims of violent crimes; young women are more often faced with crimes against property and vandalism.

Young people think the risk of becoming victims of crime is low. For example, 5 percent think they will be victims of pickpocketing in the next twelve months, although many young people (45 percent) occasionally feel uneasy.

Victim support for 25 thousand young people
Apart from material damage, crime victims can also suffer emotional damage. The organisation Victim Support Netherlands offers assistance to victims of crime. In 2011 nearly 25 thousand under-20s received support because they were victims of crimes or accidents, i.e. 630 people in this age category in every 100 thousand. The majority receive support because they are victims of violent crimes. More young men than young women are victims of violent crimes. Proportionally, young women more often receive support because they are victims of sexual harassment.

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