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One Third of Young Dutch Population used Cannabis

A third of the young Dutch population have smoked a joint. Especially guys have used cannabis. Young men also tend to use cannabis on a more regular basis than girls, according to the CBS.

Around 10% of males between the ages of 15 and 20 are regular users compared to 5% of girls in the same age group, says the CBS.

The higher the education the more young people have experimented with cannabis. The CBS survey also indicates that young people with a higher education are more likely to experiment with cannabis. Some 36% of university and college (HBO) students have tried cannabis compared to 27% who left school at 16, says the CBS. But regular cannabis use is more prevalent among the lower educated.

Cannabis is smoked significantly more in the big cities than in rural areas, reported by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The number of young people there who had geblowd in the past month was nearly three times as high as in rural areas. More than one in ten smoked a joint in the last thirty days.

Young people living in big cities are three times more likely to smoke cannabis than those in the countryside, according to the CBS.