Online job searches increase as Dutch unemployment rises

Online job searches increase as Dutch unemployment rises

More and more unemployed people in the Netherlands search for a job online according to figures by Statistics Netherlands.

At eight in ten, the share of unemployed people in the Netherlands who went through job advertisements in 2011 was about the same as in 2004. In the period 2004-2011 the share of unemployed people searching for jobs online nearly doubled.

Nearly three-quarters of unemployed people in the Netherlands read job advertisements online in 2011. And 57 percent of all unemployed actually applied to an internet advertisement. Although a substantial proportion of unemployed people read job advertisements in other media such as newspapers and magazines in 2011, the significance of these channels is decreasing steadily. While 74 percent of the jobless used these media to find work in 2004, this had dropped to 58 percent in 2011.

Another popular means of looking for work is using personal networks, either through personal contacts or through social media. In 2011 55 percent of unemployed people asked around among family and acquaintances. In addition 45 percent had written an unsolicited application in the preceding four weeks.

Generally speaking, older unemployed people use different channels to search for work than young jobseekers. They read job advertisements more and apply for the jobs more often. In addition, 49 percent of 55-64 year-olds asked about available work at the employment agency UWV in 2011, compared with only 22 percent of unemployed 15-24 year-olds. Younger jobseekers on the other hand were more likely to approach employers directly to ask about work: 46 percent of unemployed young people did this in 2011, compared with 41 percent of unemployed aged 55 to 64 years.

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