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Online Master’s to start at TU Delft next academic year

From September Delft University of Technology will be offering students the opportunity to follow courses from a number of its Master’s programmes online. This move marks an important step for the university in improving access to university education.

From the 2013-2014 academic year TU Delft will be providing three of its Master’s programmes at least partly online: Master’s programmes taught by the faculties of Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Technology, Policy and Management.

The Master’s track in Water Management of the Civil Engineering programme will be the first complete Master’s programme to be offered online. For the time being, there are components that the online participants still have to come to Delft for, such as practicals, contact with professors and examinations. Enrolment for the online programme will open on 14 March 2013. The regular curriculum will of course also continue to be given.

Selection of courses
The faculties of Aerospace Engineering, and Technology, Policy and Management will each be offering  five Master’s courses online from September 2013, in combination with the regular curriculum. In each case this is a selection of courses in a particular subject. These selections should be useful to professionals in the field.  TU Delft is planning to offer more Master’s programmes online in the coming years.

This initiative marks a new step for TU Delft in improving access to technical university education and forms an expansion of the units of study already offered online based on OpenCourseWare and the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that were recently announced. Education is generally becoming less and less time and place dependent and as such more widely accessible to students and professionals.  

“We want to offer the online Master’s programme to ten students from September,” said Anka Mulder, Secretary and Director of Education at TU Delft and the driving force behind online education at TU Delft. “This will give us the opportunity to supervise the first group and make adjustments where necessary. Despite gaining a lot of experience with online education in the area of Water Management based on OpenCourseWare, this coming year will be a learning process for us, too. But eventually this will enable us not only to offer a good Master’s course to a large group worldwide, but also to keep improving our regular education at the campus.”

The online programmes are suitable for anyone with the right Bachelor’s degree. The admission criteria are the same as the admission criteria for the regular programmes. Students have to enrol for this online education and pay tuition fees, either per course or for an entire year. If a programme is completed successfully, the student receives a Master’s degree, or a certificate for each course.

More information
More information can be found at the online education page.