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Ordina and Municipality of Amsterdam win Business Intelligence Award with open source project

Ordina and the Municipality of Amsterdam won the European Software Excellence Award in the category Business Intelligence in Berlin. Ordina and the municipality were being nominated as a finalist in this category a few weeks ago, for an open source project conducted for a large Dutch municipality. This project consisted of an integrated open source solution that collects financial and management information from a variety of different systems. The solution offers public officials complete insight into the progress, status of budgets and other management information of all large-scale projects for the Physical Planning Department (known as ‘Dienst Ruimtelijke Ordening’ in the Netherlands). Since then, other municipal departments have also adopted the software. The Municipality of Amsterdam has started restructuring all of their own IT systems. This Award demonstrates that the first successes are being achieved. Ordina collaborated with JasperSoft, supplier of Open Source Business Intelligence solutions, on this project.

“The finalists all had projects of an excellent calibre. Yet Ordina’s project stood out from the rest in terms of the solution’s high added value for the client, the Municipality of Amsterdam”, according to John Chapman, Editorial Director of IT Europa, organiser of the European Software Excellence Awards.

The Municipality of Amsterdam’s Physical Planning Department Director Hans Tijl is the contract principal. “These uncertain times certainly call for a financial finger on the pulse at all times, being able to look far into the future and to correct the course of a project immediately when this is called for. This product gives us up-to-date insights into costs and returns. The beauty of an open source product is also that it is future proof per definition, because it will work with the existing and future financial systems of the Concern Amsterdam.” Tijl is critically enthusiastic about the use of IT: “I have never been a fanatical open source proponent. An organisation is led with facts and results, not with ideologies. In conjunction with Ordina, we selected proven open source, with transparency, also in the interaction with existing and future closed applications and systems. It is great that our colleagues will also be able to use it from now on.”

“The fact that we were named the winners of the Business Intelligence award, by an independent party such as IT Europa, is a confirmation of the implementation’s success,” says Joris Höppener, Director of the Business Solutions division at Ordina. “The judges evaluate the success of the implementation, the solution’s level of innovation and the value added to the client. We scored high on all of these aspects thanks to the level of cooperation between the client and the service providers. The excellent cooperation between Ordina, Jaspersoft and the municipality enabled us to implement Jaspersoft’s innovative open source solution successfully within the organisation. This implementation gives over 300 users a complete overview of the status of their projects at a single glance. This improves the overall control of the municipality’s large projects and ensures a more effective way of working. The Award’s judges clearly recognised this too and we are very proud of that.”

IT Europa organises the European Software Excellence Awards annually. The organisation uses the Awards to highlight the best solutions in the market. These solutions stand out because of their high degree of applicability within the client organisation or the unique cooperation between the supplier and the client or because the solution added such significant value to the client organisation. The Awards are not intended for standard products.