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Over 12 million foreign visitors in Dutch hotels

Over 12 million foreign visitors stayed in Dutch hotels in 2012 according to Statistics Netherlands.

Last year, more than one third of guests in Dutch hotels, guesthouses and other overnight accommodations came from abroad, predominantly from Europe. The North Sea resorts and large cities attract the most tourists.

Last year, 12.2 million foreign guests spent the night in Dutch accommodations, i.e. 37 percent of all guests. Eight in ten foreigners came from countries elsewhere in Europe. Most visitors come from neighbouring Germany, but guests from Belgium and the United Kingdom also had a large share in the total number of overnight stays.

Coastal provinces and major cities popular destinations
Some provinces are popular holiday destinations among foreign tourists. In North Holland, nearly two thirds of tourists are foreigners. The North Sea resorts and Amsterdam attract many tourists in this province. The North Sea resorts in the provinces of Zeeland and South Holland and the cities of The Hague and Rotterdam also attract many foreign visitors.

Most foreigners stay in hotels or guesthouses
Eight in ten foreign guests stay in hotels or guesthouses. The remainder – mostly Europeans – spend the night in, for example, holiday parks or camping sites. Nearly all guests from outside Europe spend the night in hotels and guesthouses.

On average, foreign guests spend 2.4 nights in an accommodation. There is a big difference between hotels and other types of overnight accommodations. The average length of stay in hotels and guesthouses (1.8 nights) is much shorter than in other types of accommodations (4.7 nights).
Hotel guests, often in major cities, come to the Netherlands for city trips or events and tend to stay only for a short period of time. Guests in other accommodations prefer tranquillity and sports and recreational activities.

German guests spend the most time in Dutch accommodations
With an average of 3.4 nights, German guests spend the longest time and tourists from the Americas and Asia spend the shortest time (1.8 nights) in the Netherlands. For tourists from the Americas and Asia, a visit to the Netherlands is often included in a European package holiday.